Flood Defense Systems

Rapid response for
internal / external flooding

According to NAIC, 92% of water damage claims are due to internal water issues. Potentially as destructive as external flooding but even more commonplace, internal floods have a number of common causes such as:


Sprinkler activations, blocked sinks or toilets, major leaks from hydrant accidents, uncontrolled water during pressure tests, water line ruptures, construction, refurbishment or plumbing incidents.

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Storm water intrusion management

Storm water intrusion from:

High intensity rainfall.
Prolonged rainfall event.
Back up of storm-water drainage.
Localized flooding combined with the runoff from other upstream sites.
Debris blocking runoff drainage, gutters.
Accumulation of debris and/or vegetation in nearby waterways.

Floodavert’s range provides a 4 pronged approach to tackling the internal water incident

Lightweight, the FloodBags can be rapidly deployed to isolate the water at the source of the problem.

With absorption of 5 gallons of water in approximately 4 minutes, the bags will soak up the unwanted water.

Fast-acting, the flood bags contain the water, preventing the issue from spreading further throughout the facility greatly limiting potential damage.

The bags can be used to divert water by creating a channel and directing the water out of the facility or diverted to one area for easier clean-up.

Advantages of the flood avert defense system over traditional sandbags

  1. Storage
    The equivalent of 1800 sandbags of FloodAvert product can be stored on just one single pallet.
  2. No heavy lifting
    Unlike sandbags, our FloodBags weigh less than 1lb before activation.
  3. Save Time
    Time is of the essence in flood situations. Easily accessible and already on hand Flood Avert can be managed on site where & when required.
  4. Shelf Life
    Flood Avert flood bags can be stored 10 years or more.
  5. Clean-up
    Our internal materials are eco-friendly and compostable.

Using water to stop water

Many will be familiar with spill kits for oil and chemicals. However, these kits are designed for use with hydrocarbons and chemicals. FloodAvert’s range is specifically engineered to perform with water and, in comparison tests, outperforms the hydrocarbon absorbency products by a factor of 5 to 10.

 What’s included in the kit?

20m pre-taped FloodScreen™ Roll
20m pre-taped FloodScreen™ Roll
20m pre-taped FloodScreen™ Roll
20m pre-taped FloodScreen™ Roll
2x3m joinable Diverter™ Flexibags
2x3m joinable Diverter™ Flexibags

Practical applications

Any downtime to operations in a hospital can genuinely be a life and death situation. By containing a water issue to source, it may prevent the need to move or evacuate patients.

Industrial Facility
A storm drain outside a commercial building was covered over by debris. After heavy rain, water flowed over the drain and into the building causing $660,000 worth of damage plus considerable downtime, damages a deployment of our Flood Bags would have prevented.

Shopping Centre
Construction work caused a sprinkler system to be set off which saw water pour into the center. Our Diverters were employed to protect water entering tenancies and also direct water out of the facility.

Commercial Facility
Storm waters from a flash flooding event entered the building and our FloodBags were quickly deployed to create a barricade, preventing waters reaching the basement level where servers were operating.

Customers who trust Floodavert

Property managers

For property managers, flooding takes two forms: internal and external incidents. External flooding can cause devastating damages while internal floods can be equally as expensive and disruptive. Time is absolutely of the essence in dealing with these incidents. That’s why your business needs Flood Avert products on call for an immediate responsive solution.


If you are establishing an emergency preparedness plan include the Flood Avert range and the Fight The Floods.


Let us know us a number and time that suits and we’ll call you.